Billie van Katwijk

I am Billie, I am a designer.

I am fascinated by nature; alive and death, in all its purity and imperfections. As a result of my love for animals and nature, I try to highlight the beauty I see in them. Often I do this by the (re)use of natural forms, colours and materials. In my work, materials, tactility and colour are important themes. I believe in showing contradictions and taboos, without judgement. That’s why I use an unconventional approach, discussing existing rules, habits and dogma’s and tread off the beaten track in trying to create something new.
In my design process I start with research, this can be for example a place, material, process or culture. In this research I find my fascinations. From this I make a visual concept.

I want to add value by making unconventional choices, getting people to think and inspire. My concepts are completed by the user, with his or her own thoughts.

Born in Utrecht 1994, graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017.