Billie van Katwijk

In the meat industry, cow stomachs are a waste product; unfit for anything but dog food. For me, the rich, organic textures make these animal innards a fascinating material. Each of the cow’s four stomachs has different properties, shaped by their function. Some are like winding landscapes, others are almost reptilian. In a labour-intensive tanning process, I was able to transform their raw, natural aesthetic in a unique range of leathers with their own look and feel. Made into handbags, Ventri  reveals how slaughterhouse remnants can become luxurious design.

Top picture by Femke Rijerman
In coloboration with Ecco Leather
Model: Patricia Mokosi
For more information go to the lookbook.

The Ventri handbags are part of the exhibition Design at Galerie Pouloeuff until March 4, 2018