Billie van Katwijk


Animals are a sensitive subject. On the one hand, they are the products of a large industry and we don’t want to think about while consuming them, and we especially do not want to take responsibility as a consumer. On the other hand, some animals are family members and we bury them when they're dead.
I find these taboos and hypocritical moral outrage in our society and culture very interesting.

I want to kill an animal, skin it, and prepare it for food and experience that, like a primitive human, close to nature. Can you imagine what kind of respect for the animal it demands to properly skin it? To clean it completely and most importantly, being very aware of the fact that it has been a living animal. This is anything but a sadistic desire.

For the experiment I've chosen for a rabbit, cuddly and with a high cuteness level. If I, for example, had chosen a fish it would have probably stirred fewer emotions.

After I announced that I would kill a rabbit, a lot of people were shocked. This proved to me that this is an open nerve in our society. A society in which consumers do not want to take responsibility and only care about the lowest price. Consumers don’t want to know where products come from and what a suffering, exploitation, poison and other misery has come to pass. We are alienated from nature.

I know the quickest and most painless method to kill the rabbit; it will have much less suffering than the animals that we consume. My goal was not to shock, I wanted to tell a message about nature, life, death, food, responsibility, and how we interact with each other and especially the hypocritical moral outrage in our society. If this is shocking, it is apparently too confrontational and for me only more reason to do it.