This clay was mined in Nijmegen (NL) in 2019. High grass, deaf nettles and cow parsley covered it. Pheasants have brooded on it, and archaeological finds have been found there.

Now it is a memory: the clay of the north of Nijmegen is covered with sand and houses. Excavators pull the lush landscape tightly into a dream from an architect’s rendering.

Clay has been carried to the area by the river for centuries, excavated, and used for centuries. The Roman and prehistoric former residents made vases, pots and amphoras, in which they preserved their food.
Billie van Katwijk preservates the landscape. She made an amphora from the local river clay that could conserve the raw clay. A relict, a strange reminder from another era. She lets you reverberate about an area no longer there, and about the moment it disappeared.

Part of Terra_Tory, commissioned by Fabrikaat.
The New Field amphoras are for sale via Fabrikaat.