Commodifying Mars

Sooner or later mars will be colonized. The first manned flight to mars is planned in 2024; the Mars One is a mission with no return. Every two years new people will come to mars to live there permanently. It will be the human exodus to other planets.
I imagine life on mars on one hand very futuristic, with high-tech spaceships and spacesuits, on the other hand life will be very primitive. There is nothing on mars, no flora or fauna, shops or hospitals. People will live as nomad, primitive in
small communities, traveling with the warm  season.
The human body will be used for production of materials. In my research I focused on the human hair. I made textiles to create a warm atmosphere in the cold, futuristic space surroundings. Future generations of mars will have mars as their only reference and inspiration. The rug from hair has patterns inspired on the mars landscape. People on mars can grow their hair for the textile production and make the textile together.