The MUDERNISM collection celebrates prehistoric design icons. Glazed with materials extracted from modern wastewater treatment.

All living species drink water, but we as humans elevated ourselves above plants and animals by designing objects in which we give shape to the water before we drink it.

Archaeologists discovered ceramic designs from around 6368 Before Present buried in the Dutch earth. Studio Billie van Katwijk pays homage to this pioneering Dutch design with a reimagining of a classic: the funnel beaker. We glaze the ancient mudshape with the residue of latest scientific explorations.

MUDERNISM is a glaze. The thin layer that separates us from our earliest ancestors.
MUDERNISM consists of the most modern mud that we can distill from water: Kaumera.
MUDERNISM gives you a hyper-prehistoric drinking experience.

We are part of the cycle of water.
We are temporary containers.
We’ve always been and always will be.

The MUDERNISM collection is available at Adorno and The Artling.

Mudernism is an ongoing project extending the range of ceramic glazes from different residue materials from wastewater treatment. The picture below is from the sewer room of the Exploded View Beyond Building by Biobased Creations with MUDERNISM wall tiles.